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tickerPlanner is an organizational tool designed to help professional investors stay focused on their objectives and performance.

Most successful long-term investors regularly write down investment goals and targets and devise strategies and plans to achieve them. These investors also follow a process to identify investments that can generate sustainable returns based on a historical context and possible ranges of returns and risk outcomes.

Because they know that investing without a clear plan can lead to emotional decisions, drift from the course and choices that are rooted in outsized risks.

Over the past fifteen years, ticker has interviewed more than seven hundred professional money managers in good times and bad. Many have shared their investment philosophies along with their greatest successes and failures.

Ticker's research team has developed a tool that integrates the methodology most often used by successful managers.

tickerPlanner is a combination of a record book which enables the user to write down a specific plan based on his expectations, as well as to define risk scenarios and action steps. The calendar feature helps investors to keep aware of upcoming financial events and the customized tracker helps to focus on metrics that matter.

Most of the time, investors separate returns from risks, especially when setting goals.

The market return tables are designed to provide a context to investors to differentiate between sustainable and unsustainable returns over a business cycle and highlight how investments behave in the long run.

This comprehensive database is unmatched in its depth and scope.

We would invite anyone who manages money and wants to improve their game to take a serious look at tickerPlanner.

Manish Shah

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