Empowers your trading staff and advisor network

Ticker Planner is a productivity tool for the trading and investing staff at your company. Having access to all the information on different asset classes makes the evaluation of investment strategies and trading ideas much more efficient.

Mutual fund managers, ETF managers, life insurers and technology services providers can brand this productivity tool and gain mindshare of financial advisors and planners with a constant presence as a major desk accessory.

A better way to spend marketing dollars

Why waste $200,000 for a thirty second commercial on television when you can reach financial intermediaries for a fraction of a cost and gain their attention for the entire year.

The Ticker team is ready to work with you to customize the planner and with your branding initiatives.

A gift that keeps giving

There is hardly any better gift than a planner for your clients, prospects and participants of trade shows and conferences.

It is a tool that will sit on your client's desk every day, providing a ready reference to you investment products or services.

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