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Investing without a plan is like drifting from one idea to another and from one strategy to the next with mediocre returns.

The planner enables investors to develop a sound investment framework, organize thinking, set goals and targets and review past decisions.

  • Review 2012
  • Prepare for 2013
  • Set Goals
  • List Estimates
  • Develop an Investment Plan


The world of investment is made up of information and noise. With the calendar, investors can stay ahead of the information curve from economic releases and central banks' timetables to corporate earnings and events.

  • Daily or Weekly Pages
  • Economic Releases from North America, Europe and Asia
  • U.S. Earnings Calendar -
    3,000 Companies
  • Global Bank Holidays
  • FOMC, BoJ, BoE, ECB Meetings Calendar
  • Futures and Options Expiry Dates

Tracking tables

What is out of sight is likely to be forgotten. The tracking tables help investors develop a current history of economic metrics, corporate earnings and interest rates.

  • Market Indexes from 10 Countries
  • U.S. and Europe Interest Rates
  • Quarterly Earnings
  • Fed and U.S. Economic Releases

Tables & Charts

Investors often lack context when goals and targets are being set. Investor Planner is the ready-to-use resource that has compiled historical returns tables for stocks, bonds, mutual funds and corporate earnings. The systematic tables and charts provide a historical context of economic and business cycles in addition to a range of returns for various asset classes and investment styles.

  • Stock Market Indexes from 10 Countries
  • 10-year Mutual Fund Returns by Various Criteria
  • Stock Market Indexes from 10 Countries
  • 10-year Mutual Fund Returns by Various Criteria
  • 12-year Historical Commodities Tables
  • 12-year Interest Rate Tables for High Yield U.S. and European Bonds
  • U.S. Federal Finances
  • GDP, Growth and Inflation Tables for U.S., Europe and Emerging Markets
  • Seven Years of Auto Sales and Chain Store Sales
  • Historical Earnings Tables of 500 U.S. Companies
  • 2012 Mergers, Deals and IPO Tables
  • Housing Market Bubble Linkages
  • Mortgage Securitization Process Chart
  • European Crisis Overview
  • More
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